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Trepaxonemata Polycladida

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Primary authority: Lang A 1884 index card avail.
Die Polycladen (Seeplanarien) des Golfes von Neapel und der angrenzenden Meeresabschnitte. Eine Monographie. Fauna Flora Golfes Neapel. W. Engelmann, Leipzig. Fauna Flora Golfes Neapel 11:ix+688 pp.  
other taxonomic work: Laidlaw FF 1903    Suggestions for a revision of the classification of the polyclad Turbellaria. Mem. and Proc. Manchester Lit. and Phil. Soc. 1903-1904. Tom. 48 part 1. No. 4 pages 1-16. Manchester 1903  
other taxonomic work: Bock S 1913 index card avail.
Studien ueber Polycladen. Zool. Bidr. Uppsala 2:31-344  
other taxonomic work: Hallez P 1913 index card avail.
Vers polyclades et triclades maricoles. 2me Expédition Antarctiques Francaise (1908-10) Masson et Cie. Paris. 1-70.  
other taxonomic work: Bock S 1927    Ductus genito-intestinalis in the polyclads. Arkiv foer Zoologi 19: No. 14, 1-15  
  Hyman LH 1951 index card avail.
The Invertebrates. Vol II. Platyhelminthes and Rhynchocoela. The Acoelomate Bilateria. McGraw-Hill, New York, 572 pp.  
  Hyman LH 1951 index card avail.
North American triclad Turbellaria. XII. Synopsis of the known species of fresh-water planarians of North America. Trans Am Microsc Soc 70: 154-167  
  Hyman LH 1953    Turbellaria (Flatworms). In: R.W. Pennak, Freshwater Invertebrates of the United States. Ronald Press Co., N.Y: 114-141 [1953 first edition; also in 2nd and 3rd editions other publishers]  
other taxonomic work: Marcus EvDB-R, Marcus Er 1966    Systematische Uebersicht der Polykladen. Zool Beitr 12:319-343  
  Hyman LH 1967    The invertebrates. Vol. 6, Molusca I. New York: McGraw-Hill.  
other taxonomic work: Kato K, Minegishi H 1983    Plathelminthes-Turbellaria. In: Dan, K., Sekiguchi K, Ando Y & Watanabe, H., Eds., Musekitsui-Dobutsu no Hassei, Jo (Development of Invertebrate Animals, Part 1) pp. 145-158. Baifuu-kan Publ. Co., Tokyo. (In Japanese).  
latest authority: Prudhoe S 1985    A monograph on polyclad Turbellaria. British Museum (Natural History), Oxford University Press, Oxford, New York, 259 p.  
other taxonomic work: Tokinova RP 2008    Class Turbellaria: order Polycladida Lang, 1884 - polyclad turbellarians. Polyclad turbellarians, leeches, oligochaetes, echiurans. Pages: 9-89 ISBN: 5-8044-0816-X, 978-5-8044-0816-0  
  Aguado MT, Grande C, Gerth M, Bleidorn C, Noreña C 2015  abstract/note Characterization of the complete mitochondrial genomes from Polycladida (Platyhelminthes) using next-generation sequencing Gene (Amsterdam), Volume:575 Issue:2 1 : 199-205  

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