Turbellarian taxonomic database

Crucimusculata Isodiametridae Diagnosis

Hooge & Tyler, 2005 (citation):  Acoels with a ventral mouth opening.  Body-wall musculature with circular,
longitudinal, and longitudinal crossover muscle fibers in both the dorsal and ventral body wall, and U-shaped
fibers in the ventral body wall.  Male copulatory organ with muscular, isodiametric, tubular penis, often
very glandular.  Penis musculature with inner circular and outer non-anastomosing longitudinal fibers. Penis
is invaginated into a muscular seminal vesicle, if present.  Male gonopore ventral, subterminal,
supraterminal, or terminal at posterior end.  Spermatozoa with 9+2 axonemes and cortical microtubules.  Never
with symbiotic algae. Ocelli, when present, do not contain platelets in the pigment cell.

[From Hooge MD, Tyler S (2005)]

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