Turbellarian taxonomic database

Proseriata Ciliopharyngiellidae Diagnosis

Body long, no statocyst, round to oval brain with brain capsule;
female gonad with separate germaria and vitellaria;
vitellaria in numerus isolated follicles serially arranged in front body;
germaria lying in front of pharynx;
unpaired testis in front body, but with paired vasa deferentia and paired false siminal vesicles;
uniform muscle-less copulatory organ with long tubular stylet.
Pharynx with intermediate position;
corresponding to pharynx plicatus: ciliation of outer and inner pharynx epithelium, exclusively extrapharyngeal glands;
corresponding to pharynx rostulatus: outer form with grasping lip, full differentiation against body parenchyma, construction of musculature, restriction of outer pharynx border on the distal part;

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