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Prosthiostomum lobatum Pearse, 1938

  site site # (info) collection date kind depth substrate salin comments reference
A Saint Vincent Bar, Apalachicola Bay, Florida, USA 1482
Aug 16, 1935 type locality       common. U.S.N.M. no. 20194. Usually found 'at the surface of pails of shells that had been brought in from oyster bars and allowed to stand.' Pearse AS (1938): 93
B Saint Joe Bay (Saint Joseph Bay?), Florida, USA 1487
Mar 24-25, 1936         several large specimens. 'Some of them laid eggs in the laboratory.' Pearse AS (1938): 93
C Beaufort, North Carolina, USA 1492
summer 1938           Pearse AS (1938): 93
D Crystal River, Florida, USA 1490
Oct 3, 1935         young specimen. Pearse AS (1938): 93

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