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Pseudoceros indicus

  site map site # (info) collection date kind depth substrate salin comments reference
A Moen, Chuuk State, Federated States of Micronesia map 3396Nov 1994 default type 1-2 m     Weno Island, Chuuk Lagoon. abundant on mangrove roots, feeding on the white and yellow colonial ascidians, Eudistoma toealensis Monniot and E. viride Monniot. Newman LJ, Schupp P (2002): 181
B Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia map 3081Sep 10, 1991 default type       common under rocks with live and dead oysters from mud flats at low tide. Newman LJ, Schupp P (2002): 181
C Lizard Island, Queensland, Australia map 1577prior to 2002 default type       rare under coral rubble, inshore Lizard Island Lagoon. Newman LJ, Schupp P (2002): 181
D Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia, Australia map 3053May 9, 1996 default type       inshore, under rocks. Maudís Bay, north Coral Bay. Newman LJ, Schupp P (2002): 181
E Madang reef, eastern Papua New Guinea map 1902Jul 2, 1992 default type       Nagada Harbour. Newman LJ, Schupp P (2002): 181
F Lakshadweep Island, India map 7227Dec 2008-Mar 2009         "Field collections were conducted on Kavratti island, Lakshadweep. The habitat on the eastern reef is dominantly coral boulders and loose rocks, while the lagoon is dominated by a coral reef." Apte D, Pitale RD (2011): 109

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