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Thysanozoon nigrum

  site map site # (info) collection date kind depth substrate salin comments reference
A Long Bird Island, Bermuda Islands, Bermuda map 1433Jul-Aug 1935         under the causeway from Longbird to Castle Islands, but sparingly. Hyman LH (1939): 15
B Long Bird Island, Bermuda Islands, Bermuda map 14331900           Verrill AE (1901): from Hyman LH 1939 (citation)- p 15
C East Coast of Florida, Florida, USA map 14771851 type locality       east coast of Florida. Girard CF (1851-1854): from Hyman LH (citation)- p 196
D Alligator Harbor, Florida, USA map 1475Feb 4, 1950 type locality       Dr. Harold Humm, Florida State U. marine station collected a sexually mature specimen. Hyman LH (1952): 196
E Biscayne Bay, Florida, USA map 14781951 or earlier type locality       collected by F.M. Bayer, USNM in Biscayne Bay. Hyman LH (1952): 197
F South Jetty, Port Aransas, Nueces County, Texas, United States map 3200Jun 24, 1955         On rock at South Jetty. collected by Dr. C.E. Dawson. Hyman LH (1955): 263
G Lerner Marine Laboratory on North Bimini, the Bahamas map 28151955 or earlier         collected by Mabel Bishop, wife of the resident naturalist, off the dock in front of the Lerner Marine Laboratory, North Bimini, Bahamas. The animal was caught swimming around a light placed under water. Hyman LH (1955): 137
H Bonaire (Buen Ayre) Island, Netherland Antilles map 3443Oct 28, 1930; Nov 2, 1930   0 - 1.0 m     Logoen, SE corner, weathered diabase rock with small growth of Rhizophora, muddy sand among mangrove roots. 17 spec. Marcus EvDB-R, Marcus Er (1968): 1,2, 69
I Republic of Singapore map 75692018 or earlier           Ong RSL, Bolanos DM, Tong, SJW (2018): Abstract

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