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Bilateria (Main hierarchy)
Nephrozoa       Jondelius, Ruiz-Trillo, Baguna, & Riutort, 2002
Platyhelminthes       Minot, 1876
Rhabditophora       Ehlers, 1985
Trepaxonemata       Ehlers, 1984
Polycladida (I)       Lang, 1884 [viz. Faubel 1983/1984]
Cotylea I       Lang, 1884
Pseudocerotoidea       Faubel, 1984
Pseudocerotidae       Lang, 1884
Thysanozoon       Grube, 1840

Thysanozoon Grube, 1840 (27 subtax.)           synonyms       literature fig. iconspp    
alagoensis Bahia, Padula, Correia, & Sovierzoski, 2015                     literature dist'n  
alderi Collingwood, 1876             (syn)       literature    
allmani Collingwood, 1876             (syn)       literature    
aucklandicum Cheeseman, 1883   incertae sedis         synonyms       literature    
aurantiacum (Delle Chiaje, 1822)             (syn)       literature    
auropunctatum Kelaart, 1858             (syn)       literature    
australe Stimpson, 1855   incertae sedis         synonyms       literature    
boehmigi Stummer-Traunfels, 1895             (syn)       literature dist'n  
brocchii (Risso, 1818)     2 imagesfig. avail.       synonyms       literature dist'n TYPE
californicum Hyman, 1953     1 imagesfig. avail.       synonyms       literature dist'n  
cruciatum Schmarda, 1859             synonyms       literature    
dicquemaris (Delle Chiaje, 1841)             (syn)       literature dist'n  
diesingii Grube, 1840             (syn)       literature dist'n  
discoideum Schmarda, 1859             synonyms       literature dist'n  
distinctum Stummer-Traunfels, 1895             synonyms       literature dist'n  
(Eolidiceros) (Schmarda, 1859)                     literature    
flavotuberculatum Hyman, 1939             synonyms       literature dist'n  
flavum ((Delle-Chiaje, 1822) Ă–rsted, 1844)             (syn)       literature    
fockei Diesing, 1850             (syn)       literature dist'n  
griseum Verrill, 1901   incertae sedis         synonyms       literature    
hawaiiensis Hyman, 1960             synonyms   notes   literature dist'n  
huttoni Kirk, 1882   incertae sedis         synonyms       literature dist'n  
indicum (Plehn, 1896)             (syn)       literature    
japonicum Kato, 1944   incertae sedis         synonyms       literature dist'n  
lagidium Marcus, 1949             (syn)       literature dist'n  
langi Stummer-Traunfels, 1895             synonyms       literature dist'n  
minutum Stummer-Traunfels, 1895             synonyms       literature dist'n  
mirtae Bulnes, Albano, Obenat & Cazzaniga 2011                     literature dist'n  
mulleri (Della-Chiaje, 1829)             (syn)       literature    
nigropapillosum (Hyman, 1959)             synonyms       literature dist'n  
nigrum Girard, 1851             synonyms       literature dist'n  
obscurum Stummer-Traunfels, 1895             (syn)       literature dist'n  
ovale Schmarda, 1859             (syn)       literature    
panormis (Quatrefage, 1845)             (syn)       literature dist'n  
papillosum Grube, 1840             synonyms   notes   literature    
papillosum (1) (Diesing, 1836)             (syn)       literature dist'n  
papillosum (2) (Sars, 1878)             (syn)       literature dist'n  
plehni Laidlaw, 1902             (syn)       literature    
raphaeli Bolanos, Quiroga, & Litvaitis, 2007     1 imagesfig. avail.               literature dist'n  
sandiegiense Hyman, 1953   incertae sedis         synonyms       literature    
semperi Stummer-Traunfels, 1895             (syn)       literature dist'n  
skottsburgi Bock, 1923             synonyms       literature dist'n  
sp. Khalili, Rahimian & Pazooki (2009)                     literature dist'n  
sp. Schultze, 1854             (syn)       literature dist'n  
spec. Moseley, 1877             (syn)       literature dist'n  
tentaculatum (Gray in Pease, 1860)   incertae sedis         synonyms       literature    
tuberculatum (Delle-Chiaje, 1828)             (syn)       literature dist'n  
verrucosum Grube, 1867   incertae sedis         synonyms       literature    
violaceum (Delle-Chiaje, 1822)             (syn)       literature    
vulgare Palombi, 1939             synonyms       literature dist'n