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Stenostomum grande

  site map site # (info) collection date kind depth substrate salin comments reference
A west Wide Waters (of the Erie Canal), near Rochester , New York, USA map 1188between May and Aug 1907       freshwater in pool on Ontario beach. Graff Lvon (1911): 346
B Falmouth, Massachusetts, USA map 1190between May and Aug 1907       brackish in great quantities, in brackish pool. Graff Lvon (1911): 346
C Kola Peninsula (Halbinsel Kola, Alexandrowsk, Kandalakscha, Kantalahti, Alexandrovsk), Russia map 12631923 or earlier       freshwater   Nasonov NV (1923): 75; and Nasonov NV 1924 (citation)- 330, Nasonov NV 1925 (citation)- p 59; from Steinbock O (citation)-302
D Secção de Ciências Naturais da Faculdade de Filosofia, in the center of the city of Pinheiros, São Paulo (San Paulo), Brazil map 1371prior to 1945       freshwater   Marcus Er (1945): 1, 2, 34, 35
E river Pinheiros and its tributaries, near São Paulo (San Paulo), Brazil map 1667prior to 1945       freshwater   Marcus Er (1945): 1, 2, 34, 35
F lake close to the river Tietê, in the suburb of Canindé (Caninde), city of São Paulo (San Paulo), Brazil map 1668prior to 1945       freshwater   Marcus Er (1945): 1, 2, 34, 35
G lake of the River Bariguy (Barigui), outskirts of Curitiba (Corityba, Curytiba), Paraná, Brazil map 1672prior to 1945       freshwater   Marcus Er (1945): 1, 2, 34, 35
H Marsh Creek, Adams County, Pennsylvania, USA map 16751930 type locality     freshwater   Kepner WA, Carter JS (1931): 119
I near New Market, Virginia, USA map 16771938 or earlier       freshwater collected in Virginia no specific location. Nuttycombe JW, Waters AJ (1938): 231
J Southeastern New York State, USA map 2196prior to 1987       freshwater 32 specimens from stream surface sediments. Kolasa J, Strayer D, Bannon-O'Donnell E (1987): 127
K Chicago, Illinois, USA map 14111913 or earlier       freshwater   Graff Lvon (1913): 23
L Leningrad Province (Sankt-Peterburg, Saint Petersburg), Russia map 38931926 or earlier         Leningrad province. Nasonov NV (1926): abstract

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