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(Hypotrichina sicula) = Otoplana intermedia

  site map site # (info) collection date kind depth substrate salin comments reference
A Harbor of Messina, Sicily (Sicilia, Sicile, Sizilien, Sicula)), Italy map 2411897 or earlier type locality   sand   found near the Torre di Faro (beacon) near Messina Calandruccio S (1897): 1, 16, 17
B Torre di Faro, Italy map 27861913 or earlier           Graff Lvon (1913): 447
C Naples (Neapel, Napoli), Italy map 2611913 or earlier         Posilippo near Naples. Graff Lvon (1913): 447
D Nizza di Sicilia, Italy map 26791913 or earlier           Graff Lvon (1913): 447

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