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Oekiocolax plagiostomorum

  site site # (info) collection date kind depth substrate salin comments reference
A Godthaab (Godthab,Godthäb, Nuuk), Greenland 271
1929 or earlier type locality 80-120 m     "Serpulidenknäuel" at 80-120 m. Kangeq near Godthaab. Parasite in Plagiostomum parasitorum Reisinger E (1929): 64; from Steinbock O (citation)- p 304
B Godthaab (Godthab,Godthäb, Nuuk), Greenland 271
May 15, 1926 type locality 80-120 m     He and Steinböck collected specimens from a clump of Hydroids and Serpuliden brought up from 80 to 120 m in Godthaabfjordes near Kangeq. Several specimens found in Plagiostomum caecum Böhmig. Reisinger E (1929): 4, 64

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