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Grosse Gröning, near List, Sylt Island, Germany, North Sea
large salt meadow
latitude: 55.037922
longitude: 8.398610

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Collected here:

Postmecynostomum pictum1982-1983salt meadow. very frequent.
Macrostomum balticum1982-1983salt meadow.
Macrostomum hamatum1982-1983salt meadow. frequent.
Macrostomum pusillum1982-1983salt meadow.
Philachoerus johanni1982-1983salt meadow. one specimen.
Pseudaphanostoma pelophilum1982-1983salt meadow.
Macrostomum tenuicauda1982-1983salt meadow. frequent.
Microstomum bioculatum1982-1983salt meadow.
Monocelis fusca1982-1983salt meadow.
Monocelis lineata1982-1983salt meadow.
Hoplopera pusilla1982-1983salt meadow.
Olisthanellinella rotundula1982-1983salt meadow.
Pratoplana salsa1982-1983salt meadow.
Haloplanella curvistyla1982-1983salt meadow. 1 individual.
Haloplanella hamulata1982-1983salt meadow. 1 individual.
Haloplanella obtusituba1982-1983salt meadow.
Castrada subsalsa1982-1983salt meadow. very frequent.
Westbladiella obliquepharynx1982-1983salt meadow.
Moevenbergia una1982-1983salt meadow.
Promesostoma marmoratum1982-1983salt meadow.
Promesostoma meixneri1982-1983salt meadow.
Promesostoma rostratum1982-1983salt meadow.
Ptychopera westbladi1982-1983salt meadow. frequent.
Proxenetes britannicus1982-1983salt meadow. very frequent.
Proxenetes cimbricus1982-1983salt meadow.
Proxenetes cisorius1982-1983salt meadow. frequent.
Proxenetes deltoides1982-1983salt meadow. very frequent.
Proxenetes karlingi1982-1983salt meadow. frequent.
Proxenetes minimus1982-1983salt meadow. very frequent.
Proxenetes puccinellicola1982-1983salt meadow.
Proxenetes segmentatus1982-1983salt meadow.
Proxenetes unidentatus1982-1983salt meadow. very frequent.
Adenopharynx mitrabursalis1982-1983salt meadow.
Anthopharynx sacculipenis1982-1983salt meadow.
Acrorhynchides robustus1982-1983salt meadow.
Parautelga bilioi1982-1983salt meadow. frequent.
Zonorhynchus pipettiferus1982-1983salt meadow.
Zonorhynchus salinus1982-1983salt meadow. frequent.
Placorhynchus dimorphis1982-1983salt meadow.
Placorhynchus octaculeatus1982-1983salt meadow.
Psittacorhynchus verweyi1982-1983salt meadow.
Prognathorhynchus canaliculatus1982-1983salt meadow.
Provortex karlingi1982-1983salt meadow. frequent.
Provortex pallidus1982-1983salt meadow. very frequent.
Provortex psammophilus1982-1983salt meadow.
Vejdovskya halileimonia1982-1983salt meadow.
Vejdovskya pellucida1982-1983salt meadow. very frequent.
Pogaina suecica1982-1983salt meadow.
Baicalellia brevituba1982-1983salt meadow. very frequent.
Pseudograffilla arenicola1982-1983salt meadow.

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