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Heron Island, Queensland, Australia

latitude: -23.443001     23°26'34.8"S
longitude: 151.914993     151°54'53.97"E

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Collected here:

Polystyliphora novaehollandiaeOct 19931.5 msilty fine sandin front of the Heliport.
Pterastericola sprentiDec 10, 1981host: Ophidiaster granifer (Ophidiasteridae) in caecal pockets.
Maritigrella marygarsonaeMar 22, 199515 mreef slope, on sponge.
Acanthopseudomonocelis mirabilisOct 1993very silty coarse sand and gravelin front of the heliport, in mixed sediment (very silty coarse sand and gravel).
Pseudomonocelis sp. BOct 1993siltin front of the heliport, about 1 m deep in silty sediments
Monocelis corallicolaOct 1993coarse sand, shell and coral fragmentsShark Bay, Heron Island. intertidal in coarse sand with shell and coral fragments.
Monocelis beataOct 1993medium to coarse sand, shell fragmentsin front of Research Station, lower intertidal in coarse sand with shell fragments.
Umagilla karlingiDec 1981from gut of the holothurian Afrocucumis africana (Semper, 1868).
Umagilla pacificaDec 1981from gut of the holothurians: Holothuria (Lessonothuria) pardalis Selenka, 1867 and from Chiridota rigida, Semper, 1868.
Umagilla pacificaJan 1978from gut of the holothurians: Holothuria (Lessonothuria) pardalis; Holothuria (Thymiosycia) hilla, Lesson, 1830; and from Chiridota rigida.
Paranotothrix queenslandicusApr 2, 1974From posterior gut of Stichopus horrens.
Paranotothrix queenslandicusApr 3-7, 1974From Holothuria (Halodeima) atra
Paranotothrix queenslandicusApr 3, 1974From Holothuria (Thymiosycia) hilla
Paranotothrix queenslandicusJul 29, 1977From Actinopyga miliaris
Paranotothrix queenslandicusApr 3, 1974From Stichopus chloronotus.
Paranotothrix queenslandicusApr 1974From Stichopus variegatus and Holothuria spp.
Wahlia stichopiApr 2-3, 1974From Stichopus chloronotus
Wahlia stichopiJul 2, 1973From Stichopus chloronotus
Wahlia stichopiApr 3, 1974From Stichopus horrens
Wahlia stichopiApr 3, 1974From Stichopus chloronotus
Wahlia stichopiApr 1974live material from Stichopus chloronotus
Cleistogamia heronensisApr 7, 1974From gut of Holothuria (Halodeima) atra
Cleistogamia heronensisJul 28, 1977From gut of Holothuria (Halodeima) atra
Cleistogamia heronensisDec 28, 1973From Holothuria (Halodeima) atra
Cleistogamia heronensisApr 3, 1974From H (Mertensiothuria) leucospilota
Cleistogamia heronensisDec 30, 1977From H (Mertensiothuria) leucospilota
Cleistogamia heronensisDec 30, 1973From H (Mertensiothuria) leucospilota
Cleistogamia heronensisJan 6, 1978From H (Mertensiothuria) leucospilota
Cleistogamia heronensisApr 1974live material from H. (Halodeima) atra and H. (Mertensiothuria) leucospilota
Cleistogamia longicirrusApr 8, 1974from anterior gut of Stichopus chloronotus
Cleistogamia longicirrusApr 3, 1974From Stichopus horrens
Cleistogamia longicirrusApr 3, 1974From Stichopus variegatus
Cleistogamia longicirrusDec 30, 1977From Stichopus variegatus
Cleistogamia longicirrusJan 8, 1980from Stichopus chloronotus
Cleistogamia longicirrusJan 10, 1978From Stichopus variegatus
Cleistogamia pyriformisApr 3, 1974From gut of Holothuria (Thymiosycia) impatiens

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