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Curini-Galletti M (2014)
Contribution to the knowledge of the Proseriata (Platyhelminthes: Rhabditophora) from southeast Brazil.
Mar Biodiv 44: 287–312

Abstract / Notes

"The composition of the taxon Proseriata
(Platyhelminthes) in the São Sebastião area (S.E. Brazil) is
presented and discussed. The area was extensively studied by
E. Marcus, who described a large number of species, most of
which have not been found thereafter. Of the 29 species found,
16 have been described by Marcus. The new findings allowed
in many cases integration of the original descriptions, of
particular interest in the case of the type species of genera:
Minona evelinae, Duplominona mica, Mesoda gabriellae,
Pystrix thelura, Meidiama lutheri, Phylosirtis eumeca,
Vannuccia martae. Nine of the species found are new, and
could be formally described: Monocelis non-scripta nov. sp.,
Pseudomonocelis paulista nov. sp., Duplominona brasiliensis
nov. sp., Archiloa polycirrus nov. sp., Archimonocelis marci
nov. sp., Pseudosyrtis cebimari nov. sp., Parotoplanina
antaliformis nov. sp., Monostichoplana fonsecai nov. sp.,
Nematoplana mirabilis nov. sp. One species is tentatively
identified as Itaspis evelinae. Most of the new species came
from the few subtidal samples examined, where specimens of
further undescribed species, whose material was inadequate
for formal description, were also found. The diversity of S.E.
Brazil Proseriata appears thus far from being exhaustively known."

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