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Fasciola torva

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Primary authority:
Müller OF1774index card avail.
Vermium terrestrium et fluviatilium, seu animalium infusoriorum, helminthicorum et testaceorum, non marinorum, succincta historia. Vol. 1, Pars prima: 1-136. Vol. 2, Pars altera: 1-214 + 8 pp index.Havniae [Copenhagen] et Lipsiae [Leipzig] 4: 52-72 [Vol 1 Pt 2, 80pp] https://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/page/32208446#page/175/mode/1up
latest authority:Kenk R1974index card avail.
Index to the genera and species of the freshwater triclads (Turbellaria) of the world.Smithson Contrib Zool 183: 1-906162727

[Other] literature of valid taxon (Planaria torva) :
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Schmidt O1861index card avail.
Über Planaria torva Autorum.Z wiss Zool 11(1):89-94, tab 10 [1862?]017491
Bergendal D1892index card avail.
Några anmärkningar om Sveriges Triklader.Öfvers. K. Vetensk Akad Förhhandl. Stockh. 10:539-557546-54763999903
Bergendal D1892index card avail.
Einiges über den Uterus Der Tricladen.Festschr Leuckarts, Verlag Wilh Engelmann, Leipzig. 4: 310-318, tab 32.601515442
Lillie FR, Knowlton FP1897 abs. On the Effects of Temperature on the Development of Animals.Zoological Bulletin. 1(4): 180-182. Boston 1898 (1897).18823
Flexner S1898 abs. The Regeneration of the Nervous System of Planaria torva and the Anatomy of the Nervous System of Double-Headed Forms.Journ. of Morphology. Tom. 14: 337-346, tab 28a. Boston 1898.18835
Bishop A1926 abs. Notes upon Sieboldiellina planariarum (Siebold), a ciliate parasite of Planaria torva.Parasitology 18(2): 187-19421078
Kenk R1930index card avail.
Beiträge zum System der Probursalier (Tricladida Paludicola). I-III; 3. Versuch einer natürlichen Gruppierung der Probursalier.Zool Anz (Jena) 89: 145-162; 289-302607910392
Sivickis PB1931 abs. A quantitative study of regeneration along the main axis of the triclad body. In Atti dell'XI Congresso Internationale di Zoologia, Padova 1930Archivio zool. Italiano 16: 430-449, 7 f.10839
Luther A1961index card avail.
Die Turbellarien Ostfennoskandiens II. Tricladida.Fauna Fennica 11: 1-4212-156952736
Gremigni V1969   Ricerche istochimiche e ultrastrutturali sull'ovogenesi dei tricladi. II. Inclusi citplamatici in Planaria torva, Dendrocoelum lacteum e Polycelis nigra.Accad naz Lincei 47:397-404.02282
Ball IR, Reynoldson TB, Warwick T1969   The taxonomy, habitat and distribution of the freshwater triclad Planaria torva (Platyhelminthes: Turbellaria) in Britain.J Zool Lond 157: 99-123.5422807
Sefton AD1969   The biology of Planaria torva (Müll).PhD thesis, University of Wales, 149 pages.19952
Sefton AD, Reynoldson TB1972   The effect of temperature and water-chemistry on the life-cycle of Planaria torva (Müll) (Turbellaria, Tricladda)J. Anim. Ecol. 41: 487-494022261
Reynoldson TB, Sefton AD1972   The population biology of Planaria torva (Müll) (Turbellaria, Tricladda)Oecologia 10: 1-16022262
Reynoldson TB, Sefton AD1976   The food of Planaria torva (Müll) (Turbellaria, Tricladda)Freshwater Biology 6: 383-393022263
Reynoldson TB, Pierce B1979index card avail.
Predation on snails by three species of triclad and its bearing on the distribution of Planaria torva in Britain.J Zool London 189:459-484623615522
Ball IR, Reynoldson RB1981   British Planarians. Platyhelminthes: Tricladida. Key and notes for the identification of the species. Synopses of the British Fauna 19.Cambridge Univ. Press. pp. 1-14170-7209518
De Vries EJ1984index card avail.
On the taxonomic status of Planaria torva from Corsica (Turbellaria, Tricladida, Paludicola).Mitt Zool Mus Berl 60:17-2160367419

[Other] literature of synonyms: None (i.e., none other than those listed above).



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