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Lithophora Coelogynoporidae

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Primary authority: Karling TG 1966 index card avail.
Marine Turbellaria from the Pacific Coast of North America. IV. Coelogynoporidae and Monocelididae. Ark Zool (2) 18: 493-528 493-495
other taxonomic work: Tajika K-I 1982 index card avail.
Morphologisch-phylogenetische Untersuchungen an der Familie, Coelogynoporidae (Turbellaria, Proseriata). J. Fac. Sci, Hokkaido Univ. Ser Vi. Zool. 23:13-62  
other taxonomic work: Jouk PEH, Martens EE, Schockhaert ER 2007    Cirrifera genitoductus, n. sp. (Platyhelminthes, Proseriata, Coelogynoporidae) from the Belgian coast, with observations on its ultrastructure and its significance for the taxonomy of the Coelogynoporidae. Belg J Zool 137:223-230 228-230
latest authority: Curini-Galletti M, Webster BL, Huyse T, Casu M, Schockaert ER, Artois TJ, Littlewood DTJ 2010    New insights on the phylogenetic relationships of the Proseriata (Platyhelminthes), with proposal of a new genus of the family Coelogynoporidae. Zootaxa 2537:1-18  

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