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(Parotocelis luteola) = Otocelis luteola

  site site # (info) collection date kind depth substrate salin comments reference
A Argyle Lagoon, North Bay, San Juan Island in the San Juan Archipelago, Washington, USA 1264
Summer 1961, 1962; fall 1964 default type intertidal muddy sand   from masses of green algae (Ulva and Enteromorpha). From shallow pools at margin of the the lagoon. Kozloff EN (1965): 153-154, 161
B San Juan Island, Friday Harbor, Friday Harbor laboratories, Washington, USA 2
summer 1961, 1962; fall 1964 default type intertidal gravel mixed with muddy sand   from washings of Ulva and Enteromorpha Kozloff EN (1965): 154, 161

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