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Ivanovo (Ivanovo-Vosnesensk, Ivanovo-Voznesensk, Ivanovo-Vosnessensk Иваново, Iwanowo), Russia

latitude: 56.994167     56°59'39"N
longitude: 40.985832     40°59'9"E

[Precision of location: Alexandria Digital Library (with NGA GNDB data)]
[Site Named Here by name of island, bay, strait, lake, river, or stream, etc., named in source publication]

Collected here:

Dendrocoelum lacteum (Müller, 1773)1923 or earlierIvanovo-Vosnesensk.
Bdellocephala punctata (Pallas, 1774)1923 or earlierRussland: Ivanovo-Vosnesensk
Typhloplana viridata (Abildgaard, 1789)1923 or earlierRussland. Ivanovo Vosnessensk.
Phaenocora rufodorsata (Sekera, 1904)1923 or earlierRussland: Ivanovo-Vosnessensk.
Opistomum arsenii Nasonov, 19171923 or earlierIvanovo-Vosnessensk.
Castrada (Castrada) lanceola (Braun, 1885)1924 or earlierRussland: Ivanovo-Vosnesensk;
Castrada (Castrada) intermedia (Volz, 1898)1923 or earlier
Castrada (Castrada) neocomensis Volz, 18981923 or earlierIvanovo-Vosnessensk.
Castrada (Castrada) armata (Fuhrmann, 1894)1923 or earlierIvanovo-Vosnessensk.
Strongylostoma elongatum elongatum Hofsten N, 19071924 or earlier
Olisthanella truncula (Schmidt, 1858)1923 or earlier
Olisthanella palmeni Nasonov, 19171923 or earlier
Mesostoma ehrenbergii (Focke, 1836)1923 or earlier
Mesostoma productum (Schmidt, 1848)1923 or earlier
Mesostoma craci Schmidt, 18581923 or earlier
Bothromesostoma personatum (Schmidt, 1848)1923 or earlier
Phaenocora typhlops (Vejdovsky, 1880)1923 or earlier
Plagiostomum lemani Forel & Du Plessis, 18741923 or earlierIvanovo-Vosnesensk.
Microdalyellia armigera (Schmidt, 1862)1924 or earlier
Microdalyellia picta (Schmidt, 1848)1923 or earlier
Microdalyellia rossi (Graff, 1911)1924 or earlier
Dalyellia penicilla (Braun, 1885)1923 or earlier
Gieysztoria cuspidata (Schmidt, 1861)1924 or earlierWladimir u. Ivanovo Vosnesensk.
Gieysztoria expedita (Hofsten N, 1907)1924 or earlierPerm. Gouv. Vladimir u. Ivanovo-Vosnesensk.
Gieysztoria virgulifera (Plotnikow, 1906)1923 or earlierGouv. Ivanovo Voznesensk, See Valdajskoje.
Gieysztoria infundibuliformis (Fuhrmann, 1894)1923 or earlierGouv. Ivanovo Voznesensk
Castrella (Nasonoviella) lutheri (Nasonov, 1917)1923 or earlierIvanovo-Vosnesensk, Waldaj-See
Castrella (Castrella) truncata (Abildgaard, 1789)1923 or earlier

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