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Acoelomorpha Acoela

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Primary authority: Uljanin WN 1870 index card avail.
Die Turbellarien der Bucht von Sebastopol. Arbeiten der 2. Versammlung russischer Naturforscher zu Moskau 1869. Tom. 2. Abtheilung für Zoologie, Anatomie und Physiologie. 96pp + 7pl, Moskau 1870. (Russisch). [Syezda Russ. Est., Syezda 2, vol. 2][Trudy otd. zool. anat. physiol. Moscow 2.]  
other taxonomic work: Metschnikoff E 1886  abstract/note Embryologische Studien an Medusen. Ein Beitrag zur Genealogie der Primitivorgane. Holder, Wien  
other taxonomic work: Karling TG 1940 index card avail.
Zur Morphologie und Systematik der Alloeocoela Cumulata und Rhabdocoela Lecithophora (Turbellaria). Acta zool fenn 26:1-260  
  Hyman LH 1951 index card avail.
The Invertebrates. Vol II. Platyhelminthes and Rhynchocoela. The Acoelomate Bilateria. McGraw-Hill, New York, 572 pp.  
other taxonomic work: Dorjes J 1968 index card avail.
Die Acoela (Turbellaria) der deutschen Nordseeküste und ein neues System der Ordnung. Z zool Syst Evolutionsforsch 6:56-452.  
  Johannes RES, Coward SJ, Webb KL 1969 index card avail.
Are dissolved amino acids an energy source for marine invertebrates? Comp. Biochem. Physiol. 29: 283-288  
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  Rieger RM, Ladurner P 2001    Searching for the stem species of the Bilateria. Belg J Zool 131 (Suppl 1): 27-34 27-34
  Lundin K 2001    Degenerating epidermal cells in Xenoturbella (phylum uncertain), Nemertodermatida and Acoela (Platyhelminthes). Belg J Zool 131 (Suppl 1): 153-157  
  Friedrich C, Hendelberg J 2001  abstract/note On the ecology of Acoela living in the Arctic sea ice. Belg J Zool 131 (Suppl 1): 213-216  
  Reuter M, Raikova OI, Gustafsson MKS 2001  abstract/note Patterns in the nervous and muscle systems in lower flatworms. Belg J Zool 131 (Suppl 1): 47-53 47-53
other taxonomic work: Jondelius U, Ruiz-Trillo I, Baguna J, Riutort M 2002    The Nemertodermatida are basal bilaterians not members of Platyhelminthes. Zool Scr 31:201-215  
other taxonomic work: Hooge MD 2003  abstract/note Two new families, three new genera, and four new species of acoel flatworms (Acoela, Platyhelminthes) from Queensland, Australia Cah. Biol. Mar. 44: 275-298. 279-285
other taxonomic work: Baguna J, Riutort M 2004    Molecular phylogeny of the Platyhelminthes. Can J Zool 82:168-193  
  Mwinyi A, Bailly X, Bourlat SJ, Jondelius U, Littlewood DTJ, Podsiadlowsk L 2010  abstract/note The phylogenetic position of Acoela as revealed by the complete mitochondrial genome of Symsagittifera roscoffensis BMC Evolutionary Biology 2010, 10:309 doi:10.1186/1471-2148-10-309  
latest authority: Jondelius U, Wallberg A, Hooge M, Raikova OI 2011    How the worm got its pharynx: phylogeny, classification and Bayesian assessment of character evolution in Acoela. Syst. Biol. 60(6):845-871  
  Kånneby T, Bernvi DC, Jondelius U 2015  abstract/note Distribution, delimitation and description of species of Archaphanostoma (Acoela). Zoologica Scripta Volume:44 Issue:2 Pages:218-231  
other taxonomic work: Moroz L 2015  abstract/note Biodiversity Meets Neuroscience: From the Sequencing Ship (Ship-Seq) to Deciphering Parallel Evolution of Neural Systems in Omic's Era. Integrative and Comparative Biology Vol. 55(6): 1005-1017  
  Braccini JAL, Amaral SV, Leal-Zanchet AM 2016  abstract/note Microturbellarians (Platyhelminthes and Acoelomorpha) in Brazil: invisible organisms? Brazilian Journal of Biology, 76(2): 476-494  
  Knop D 2020    Wissenswertes ueber Plathelminthes, Acoela und andre Plattwuermer. Koralle, Volume:21 Issue:4: 18-27  

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