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Macrostomidae Inframacrostomum

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Primary authority:Ferguson FF1954index card avail.
Monograph of the Macrostominae worms of the Turbellaria.Trans Am Microsc Soc 73:137-164
[doi: 10.2307/3223751
latest authority:Schmidt P, Sopott-Ehlers B1976   Interstitielle Fauna von Galapagos XV. Macrostomum O. Schmidt, 1848 und Siccomacrostomum triviale nov. gen. nov. spec. (Turbellaria, Macrostomida).Mikrofauna des Meeresbodens 57:1-45

[Other] literature of valid taxon (Macrostomidae Macrostomum) :
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Schmidt O1848index card avail.
Die rhabdocoelen Strudelwürmer (Turbellaria Rhabdocoela) des süssen Wassers.Friedrich Mauke, Jena, 65 p. + 6 plates
Luther A1904index card avail.
Die Eumesostominen.Z wiss Zool 77:1-273, Taf I-IX. [1905]
Hofsten N v1912   Revision der schweizerischen Rhabdocölen und Alloeocölen.Revue Suisse de Zool. 20: 543-687
Hofsten N v, Steinmann P1912   Die Schweizerische Turbellarienliteratur.Revue suisse de zool 20 (13):689-723
Ferguson FF1939-1940index card avail.
A monograph of the genus Macrostomum O. Schmidt 1848. 8 Parts.Zool Anz 126 :7-20; 127: 131-144; 128: 49-68. 188-205, 274-291; 129: 21-48, 120-146, 244-266
Luther A1960index card avail.
Die Turbellarien Ostfennoskandiens I. Acoela, Catenulida, Macrostomida, Lecithoepitheliata, Prolecithophora, und Proseriata.Fauna Fennica 7:1-155
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Schärer L, Joss G, Sandner P2004 abs. Mating behaviour of the marine turbellarian Macrostomum sp.: these worms suck.Marine Biology 145: 373-380
Zadesenets KS, Schärer L, Rubtsov NB2017 abs. New insights into the karyotype evolution of the free-living flatworm Macrostomum lignano (Platyhelminthes, Turbellaria).Scientific Reports, Vol 7: 6066
Brand JN, Wiberg RAW, Pjeta R, Bertemes P, Beisel C, Ladurner P, Schärer L2020 abs. RNA-Seq of three free-living flatworm species suggests rapid evolution of reproduction-related genes.BMC Genomics Vol 21(1): 462
[doi: 10.1186/s12864-020-06862-x
Zadesenets KS, Jetybayev IY, Schärer L, Rubtsov NB 2020 abs. Genome and Karyotype Reorganization after Whole Genome Duplication in Free-Living Flatworms of the Genus MacrostomumInternational Journal of Molecular Sciences, Vol 21(2) Article Number: 680
[doi: 10.3390/ijms21020680
Reyes J, Binow D, Vianna RT, Brusa S, Martins SE2021 abs. Free-living Microturbellarians (Platyhelminthes) from Wetlands in Southern Brazil, with the Description of Three New Species.Zoological Studies, Vol. 60: 221-33
[doi: 10.6620/ZS.2021.60-22

[Other] literature of synonyms:
authordateabstr.titlejournal / publicationpages
Örsted AS1843   Forsøg til en ny Classification af Planarierne (Planariea Dugès) grundet paa mikroskopisk-anatomiske Undersøgelser.Kroyer's Naturhistorisk Tidsskrift (I) 4(8):519-581
Luther A1905   Zur Kenntnis der Gattung Macrostoma.Festschr Palmen, Helsingfors 5:1-61.

Literature setting new combination:

Schmidt P, Sopott-Ehlers B1976   Interstitielle Fauna von Galapagos XV. Macrostomum O. Schmidt, 1848 und Siccomacrostomum triviale nov. gen. nov. spec. (Turbellaria, Macrostomida).Mikrofauna des Meeresbodens 57:1-45
Graff Lvon1905index card avail.
Marine Turbellarien Orotavas und der Küsten Europas. Teil II. Rhabdocoela.Z wiss Zool 83: 68-154, tab 2-6.
Schärer L, Littlewood DT, Waeschenbach A, Yoshida W, Vizoso DB2011   Mating behavior and the evolution of sperm design.PNAS 108:1490-1495.

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