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Stylostomum frigidum Bock, 1931

  site site # (info) collection date kind depth substrate salin comments reference
A Station M17, Gulf of Ancud, Canal Calbuco, east of the Church of Calbuco, Chile 1096
Dec 14, 1948   30 m grey sand with clean rocks   3 specimens, 2 mature. Marcus Er (1954): 6, 68
B Station M18, Gulf of Ancud, Estero Huito, northern Punta Yahuecha, Chile 1097
Dec 15, 1948   35 m dead or dying algae with Hydroids and Bryonzoens.   1 specimen, 4 mm, immature. Marcus Er (1954): 6, 68
C Station M46, Gulf of Ancud, between Calbuco Island and the main land, Punta Pilluco, Chile 1103
Jan 25, 1949   13 m dead or dying algae, Macrocystis- rhyzoid with rich detritus   1 young specimen. 0.625 mm long and 0.415 mm wide. Marcus Er (1954): 6, 68
D Station M106, Gulf of Ancud, sea between the mainland and Abtao Island, south of the Church on the island, Chile 1119
May 5, 1949   36 m shell and coarse sand   1 mature animal, 5 mm long and 3.5 mm wide. Marcus Er (1954): 7, 68
E Berkeley Sound (Bahia de la Anunciacion, Baye Francaise, Puerto de la Soledad, Baye d'Acaron), Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas, Iles Malouines) 2837
1903 or earlier   16-25 m       Westblad E (1952): [location from Louise Bush notes on literature for this species, see card or notes]; and from Marcus 1954 (citation)- p. 68
F Baie de l’ Observatoire (Observatory Bay, Beobachtungs Bucht), Kerguelen, French Southern and Antarctic Lands 4645
1953 or earlier           Marcus Er (1954): 68

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