History of
  Turbellarian Research
      compiled by Steve Schilling

Reinhard Maximillian Rieger

full name: Reinhard Maximillian Rieger
name as it appears in literature list: Rieger R
foreign spelling in taxonomic list:
year of birth: 1943
year of death: 2006
research specialty: invertebrate biology, evolution of lower metazoa, macrostomorph turbellarians
notes/comments: Comprehensive view of comparative morphology and animal evolution; origin of the Metazoa; discoverer of new major taxa among meiofauna; pioneer in use of comparative morphology at the ultrastructural level for reconstructing phylogeny; leader in application of developmental biology to phylogenetics.
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  date author title description link rank
details Apr 22, 2021 Dewel RA Tribute to Reinhard M. Rieger, in Introduction, New Perspectives on the Origin of Metazoan Complexity journal Web site of Symposium Issue Web site[stable]
details Jan 1, 2014   Reinhard Rieger Rieger's students' site commemorating his life and mentoring Web site[stable]
details Apr 22, 2021 Wikipedia Reinhard Rieger - Wikipedia article in German, incomplete Web site[stable]
details Apr 22, 2021 Universität Innsbuck REINHARD RIEGER-AWARD IN ZOOMORPHOLOGY The Reinhard Rieger-Award is given in memory of the zoologist Reinhard Rieger (1943 - 2006). The prize is awarded annually for outstanding research in the field of zoomorphology. Web site[stable]
details 2007 Westheide W On the love of detail and the search for grand connections: a tribute to Reinhard Rieger, 10th May 1943 to 11th October 2006. biography pdf  
details 1998 Rieger RM 100 Years of Research on "Turbellaria".