History of
  Turbellarian Research
      compiled by Steve Schilling

Otto Friedrich Müller

full name: Otto Friedrich Müller
name as it appears in literature list: Müller OF
foreign spelling in taxonomic list: Müller
year of birth: 1730
year of death: 1784
research specialty: natural history, first taxonomy of turbellarians, "Planarien" designation
notes/comments: - March 11, 1730 - December 26, 1784; Danish naturalist.

- Müller's dealings with turbellarians were published in his Zoologiae Danicae Prodromus (1776), the first survey of the fauna of Norway and Denmark, listing over 3000 species.

- from Rieger 1998 (citation)- p. 2 "first taxonomy of the turbellarians was produced by Müller (1773, 1776) who also coined the name 'Planarien' for them."
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