History of
  Turbellarian Research
      compiled by Steve Schilling

Adolf Remane

full name: Adolf Remane
name as it appears in literature list: Remane A
foreign spelling in taxonomic list:
year of birth: 1898
year of death: 1976
research specialty: comparative morphology, phylogenetics, ecology, marine biology
notes/comments: Encyclopedic knowledge of animals from invertebrates through mammals. Founded study of meiofauna. Founded principles of homology recognition.
last update:2012-03-28 17:45:59

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  date author title description link rank
details 2006 Zachos FE, Hossfeld U Adolf Remane (1898-1976) and his views on systematics, homology and the Modern Synthesis. biography pdf  
details 1977 Ax P Adolf Remane.      
details 1995 Deichmann U Biologen unter Hitler. Porträt einer Wissenschaft im NS- Staat.      
details 1996 Deichmann U Biologists under Hitler