History of
  Turbellarian Research
      compiled by Steve Schilling

Eveline Du Bois-Reymond Marcus

full name: Eveline Du Bois-Reymond Marcus
name as it appears in literature list: Marcus EvDB-R
foreign spelling in taxonomic list:
year of birth: 1901
year of death: 1990
research specialty: taxonomy and biology of Turbellaria, Bryozoa Tardigrada, Gastropoda
notes/comments: dates: 6 October, 1901 -- 31 January, 1990
last update:2012-03-29 15:25:02

List publications of Marcus EvDB-R.

List turbellarian taxa described by Marcus (whose authority includes string "Marcus").

List collecting sites ascribed to Marcus (whose authority includes string "Marcus").

  date author title description link rank
details 1995 Lipscomb D Women in Systematics article on women in systematics which includes a paragraph on Sophia Pereyaslawzewa.    
details 1991 Correa DD Dr Eveline du Bois-Reyond Marcus brief biography; list of publications    
details 1991 Edmunds M Eveline Du Bois Reymond Marcus: 1901–1990      
details 1990   Eveline du Bois-Reymond Marcus.