History of
  Turbellarian Research
      compiled by Steve Schilling

Nikolay A. Livanov (Livanow)

full name: Nikolay A. Livanov (Livanow)
name as it appears in literature list: Livanov NA
foreign spelling in taxonomic list:
year of birth: 1876
year of death: 1974
research specialty: Morphology, Evolution
notes/comments: - one of the founders of the Kazan State University School of Morphology
last update:2012-06-01 10:04:56

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  date author title description link rank
details Dec 30, 2013 Kazan State University, Eversmann Zoology Museum N. A. Livanov very brief biography Web site[stable]
details 2001 Siddall ME, Apakupakul K, Burreson EM, Coates KA, Eréus C, Gelder SR, Källersjö M, Trapido-Rosenthal H Validating Livanow: Molecular Data Agree That Leeches, Branchiobdellidans, and Acanthobdella peledina Form a Monophyletic Group of Oligochaetes