History of
  Turbellarian Research
      compiled by Steve Schilling

Anders Sandøe Ørsted

full name: Anders Sandøe Ørsted
name as it appears in literature list: Oersted AS
foreign spelling in taxonomic list: Ørsted
year of birth: 1816
year of death: 1872
research specialty: marine invertebrates and plants, botany
notes/comments: From Wolff & Petersen 1991 (citation)- p. 669, "The Danish scientist A. S. Ørsted (Danish spelling, also published as Oersted and Örsted) is well known amongst polychaetologists for his taxonomic studies of Arctic and northern European polychaetes. It is less well known that in the 1840's he undertook a long and strenuous expedition of the Caribbean region, where he collected large numbers of marine invertebrates. However, during the trip he became more and more interested in botany, and after his return to Copenhagen he never returned to his previous studies on polychaetes and other invertebrates."
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  date author title description link rank
details 1991 Wolff T, Petersen ME A brief biography of A.S. Oersted, with notes on his travels in the West Indies and Central America and illustrations of collected polychaetes.