History of
  Turbellarian Research
      compiled by Steve Schilling

Seth Tyler

full name: Seth Tyler
name as it appears in literature list: Tyler S
foreign spelling in taxonomic list:
year of birth:
year of death:
research specialty:
notes/comments: - Student of Reinhard Rieger.
- Collaborated with Louise Bush to automate her massive card file on Turbellaria.
- Created and maintained the software to provide an online "Turbellarian Taxonomic Database". Provides stewardship for the electronic and paper information. This work has been sustained from 1991 to present.
- An editor of World Register of Marine Species.
- 2018 1st Prize, Reinhard Rieger-Award in Zoomorphology.
- Professor of Zoology and Cooperating Professor of Marine Sciences.
- Professor Emeritus, University of Maine
last update:2021-04-23 13:06:02

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  date author title description link rank
details Apr 22, 2021 Universität Innsbuck REINHARD RIEGER-AWARD IN ZOOMORPHOLOGY The Reinhard Rieger-Award is given in memory of the zoologist Reinhard Rieger (1943 - 2006). The prize is awarded annually for outstanding research in the field of zoomorphology. Web site[stable]
details Mar 16, 2021 Tyler S, Schilling S, Hooge M, and Bush LF Turbellarian Taxonomic Database Turbellarian taxonomy, images, literature and geographic distribution information. Web site[stable]
details Apr 23, 2021 Seth Tyler, Matt Hooge, Wolfgang Sterrer, Christiane Todt Global Worming A project gauging global biodiversity and phylogenetic relationships of lower worms of the meiofauna, specifically the Acoelomorpha, Catenulida, and Gnathostomulida Web site[stable]
details Mar 16, 2021 Sterrer W, Tyler S Gnathostomulida --- Taxonomic Database Gnathostomulida taxonomy, literature and geographic distribution information. Web site[stable]
details Mar 17, 2021   World Register of Marine Species   Web site[stable]
details Mar 16, 2021 University of Maine, School of Marine Sciences Seth Tyler Includes Biographic, Contact, Education, Research Interests and some of his many publications. Web site[stable]
details 1998 Rieger RM 100 Years of Research on "Turbellaria".