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Haplodiscus incola Notes

Graff (1904) (citation) placed Avagina incola Leiper, 1902, in Haplodiscus.
Westblad (1948) (citation) shows this placement was unjustified.

Wilhelmi J 1913 (citation)- mentions p 113.

Notes for the valid (accepted) taxonomic name

Notes for Avagina incola


Leiper RT 1902 (citation)- found species in accessory canal of Echinocardium cordatum.
Graff L v 1903 (citation)- lists as parasite.
Leiper RT 1904 (citation)- description and illustration of species.  from Kames Bay, Cumrae, N. B.
	in summer 1902.
Graff L v 1904 (citation)- p 23 placed in the genus Haplodiscus.
Beklemischev VN 1915 (citation)- compares with his Achoerus caspius.
Kaburaki T 1925 (citation)- p 300 in list.
Westblad E 1948 (citation)- description and illustration of this species.  
  Westblad says that Graff's 1904 placement in Haplodiscus was unjustified.
  Karling found in Echnocardium flavescens and Spatangus purpureus (also another
	species Westblad will publish separately?) in part of gut with shelly fragments.  May be
	color varient of Leiper's species as these are not white but yellow to dark red.
	p 6- epicytium is made up of large cells fitted together- is this characteristic
		of parasites?
	p 11- on yellow color of
	p 16- on parenchyma of
	p 39- illustration of penis
	p 40- comment on penis
	p 56- in key	
Hyman LH 1951 (citation) -vol 2, p 131 mentions it from heart urchin.
Westblad E 1953 (citation)- p 271 in key to species incola and this.  p 270- reports from Naples
	and also at Plymouth.
Westblad E 1954 (citation)- notes this forom the intestine of Echnocardium flavescens from shell gravel.
	Norway- occurrence is Scandinavian West Coast (Karling), Traudheimfjorden (Bock), and Scotland
	in Echinocardium cordatum (Leiper)
Hickman VV 1956 (citation)- lists.
Dorey AE 1965 (citation)- on epidermis and cilia E.M. studies.
Steinbock O 1967 (citation)- mentions p 405.
Dorjes J 1968 (citation)- lists as 1902.
Apelt G 1969 (citation)- p 268 notes Hickman 1956 (citation)- says this is viviparous
Jennings JB 1971 (citation)- lists in table p 3 with hosts Echnocardium flavescens and
	 Spatangus purpureus.
Dorjes J 1972 (citation)- lists as 1902.
Dorjes J, Karling TG 1975 (citation)- Swedish Museum of Natural History.  Britain in 
	Echinocardium cordatum.
Faubel A 1976 (citation)- mentions p 21.
Ehlers U, Doerjes J 1979 (citation)- compare with Avagina polyvacuola p 14.

Notes for Avagina incola

Reuter M, Raikova OI, Gustafsson MKS 2001 (citation)- Phylogeny, neurons, muscles.  Acoela and Nemertodermatida
studies of neuroanatomy.  Species used include:
     Stenostomum leucops Duges 1828
     Macrostomum lineare Muller 1774
     Anaperus biaculeatus Boguta 1970
     Childia groenlandica Levinsen 1879
     Faerla glomerata Westblad 1942
     Paraphanostomum crassum Westblad 1942
     Avagina incola Leiper 1902
     Nemertoderma westbladi Steinbock 1938
     Mera stichopi Westblad 1949

Notes for Avagina incola

Reuter M, Raikova OI, Jondelius U, Gustafsson MKS, Maule AG, Halton DW 2001 (citation)- Immunocytochemical study
of Faerlea glomerata, Avagina incola, and Paraphanostoma crassum to look at the organization of the Acoela
nervous system.

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